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Structural Analysis / Heat Conduction Analysis
Welding simulation dedicated package


Provide accurate advance grasp of differences in deformation etc. by simulation of welded parts in shipbuilding and automotive industries
Jupiter-MuxWeld I is a dedicated welding simulation package that allows you to easily perform everything from mesh creation to welding condition setting, analysis execution, and result display .
You can also port JWRIAN from Osaka University to Jupiter-Platform and run it consistently with Jupiter.
In the past, it was estimated based on the craftsman's intuition and experimental results, but now it becomes possible to grasp in advance the difference in deformation depending on the welding order by numerical simulation.

※ This product is an add-on function of the general-purpose Jupiter Pre/Post.

Features Features

By porting JWRIAN from Osaka University to Jupiter-Platform, it is posible to consistently execute the mesh creation, welding condition setting, analysis execution, and result display with Jupiter.

Consistent calculation from mesh creation to result display

Utilization of existing NASTRAN format model data
Welding sequence setting

Simultaneous calculation and result comparison automation support for multiple cases with different welding sequences

Multiple case settings
Result comparison automation

Realization of consistent deformation simulation

Simple / theoretical consistency → Intrinsic strain / intrinsic stress / intrinsic deformation / intrinsic force + cutting / coupling

Case Studies Case studies

  • Company A Example
    JWRIAN is used as an welding simulation software for automobile frames.
  • Company B Example
    Confirmed agreement with the experimental results by outsourcing MuxWeld I.

Operation Flow Operation flow

Hull structure oriented
Perform CAD modeling.
Automatic meshing
Mesh the CAD with only-one click.
Batch-run calculation and result comparison for each welding order
A large number of cases with different welding sequences are calculated at once. The results are compared automatically.


JWRIAN JWRIAN is a group of simulation software developed by CCWS of the Joining and Welding Research Institute at Osaka University for the purpose of analyzing mechanical phenomena related to welding.
These softwares were developed mainly for the purpose of predicting weld deformation / residual stress and various weld cracks.