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Structural Analysis / Heat Conduction Analysis
Block Lifting Simulation System


3D Simulation Software for Lifting Planning Works

Jupiter-BLS is a 3D simulation system for lifting planning works. It allows engineers to simulate a series of block postures (unstable scenarios) and to predict interference problems with wires. Jupiter-BLS enables the real time calculations of suspension point reaction force, analyzes and reinforces the block stress.
This software is used as an auxiliary tool for lifting planning works as well as training for young engineers.

Features of Jupiter-BLS:
・ Effective use of 3D hull model
・ Dynamic lifting simulation can be performed (this is the most amazing feature ever)
・ Eliminate the risks related to lifting works from conceptual designs
・ Easy to understand the lifting processes by intuitive visualization
In the past, the block lifting plan was mainly examined in 2D drawings, but with Jupiter-BLS, it can be confirmed by 3D dynamic simulations.
If the 3D design system is used from initial stage of design engineering, the risks related to lifting work can be eliminated easily.
Furthermore, the lifting process becomes visible, it makes up for inexperienced young engineers and leads to the transfer of technology.

Simulation operation flow

Rich interface and built-in solver
The CAD interfaces for various hull designs and solver interfaces (such as Nastran) are integrated into Jupiter-BLS
In addition, our SunShine solver is built-in as standard.
Interface for hull design CAD
Fully equipped with interfaces for major hull design CAD such as CATIA, Parasolid, ACIS, AVEVA Marine
Solver interface
SunShine*, Nastran

* Built into Jupiter-BLS.
Fast graphic performance
Excellent graphic performance for large-scale models, various display settings, cross-sectional display with an easy-to-use 3D mouse, etc. are available.
Simulation settings are done by various library functions
The actual settings for cranes, balances, and hanging pieces are available in a library format.
The library has been continuously developed and added at the request of our customers, and is now compatible with most major cranes, balances, and hanging pieces.
Unlimited Undo/Redo
Jupiter-BLS also supports the unlimited Undo/Redo operations.
This allows users to comfortably perform the manual operations such as wire setting, crane setting, and balance settings for heavy lifting simulation preparation.
Extensibility with Python API
The base platform Jupiter has Python API functionality (PSJ) and Jupiter-BLS can be used.
This makes it possible for customers to develop their desired customization functions. Accordingly, these additional functions can eliminate the repetitive manual works.

Excellent features of Jupiter-BLS

Various crane types can be selected from the library and installed.
In addition, it is possible to support cranes of various sizes by changing the parameters.
Suspended balance (loader)
Various hanging balance types can be selected from the library and installed by users.
In addition, it is possible to support various sizes of suspended balances by changing the parameters.
Hanging pieces (rings, eye plates)
Various hanging piece types can be selected from the library and installed by users.
In addition, it is possible to support hanging pieces of various sizes by changing the parameters.
Pulley (equalizer)
It is also equipped with a pulley function that distributes the wire reaction force.