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Interface for open-source solver FrontISTR

Jupiter-FrontISTR Interface

Create a model for large-scale analysis of FrontISTR with the large-scale pre-software Jupiter

Jupiter and the open-source solver FrontISTR can now work together.
Load boundary condition settings can be set from selection using CAD Geometry, and Job Submit can also be performed from the output dialog.
There is an example of creating a 200 million node model, which is introduced at the study group.

※This product will be released in Jupiter V5.

Operation flow


Mold model (number of nodes: 200 million, number of elements: 150 million)

Resin carbon fiber model (number of nodes: 180 million, number of elements: 130 million)

Ground-building model (degree of freedom: 100 million)

What is FrontISTAR?

FrontISTR is a Windows and Linux PC cluster and:

(1) An open source structural analysis solver that can be used with massively parallel supercomputers, fex. the K computer.

(2) It is improved, maintained and promoted by FrontISTR Commons, a general incorporated association established within the University of Tokyo.

(3) It has been using in various industries such as automobiles, industrial equipment, precision equipment, and construction.

Parallel Computing

In the iterative solution method based on FrontISTR, parallel calculation is executed by domain division.
Therefore, there is no limit to the number of processors that can be used, and it is suitable for computers of various architectures.

Meshing and Assembly

Jupiter can mesh over 100 million nodes.
Also, you won't notice any performance degradation from larger models.
It has an assembly function that automatically joins faces from CAD Geometry by specifying tolerance.
You can easily combine products that are composed of many parts.