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Jupiter API for Automation and Customization

PSJ (Python Scripting for Jupiter)

Customize Jupiter to suit your business
Improve work efficiency with Python scripting
PSJ (Python Scripting for Jupiter) is a Jupiter API based on Python programing language and is the foundation for almost sophisticated features of Jupiter.
PSJ helps engineers/designer to shorten their man-hours for CAE operations and to deploy any in-house CAE tools tailored by each company based on its automation features.
It also offers many conveniences such as parameterization, macros, branching and looping, and complex math operations. All these benefits are accessible within the PSJ user interface.
With PSJ, it is also possible to build a CAE one-stop system for meshing, analysis, and reporting.

Problems in CAE operations

  • It can be tedious and repetitive .
  • Manual operation takes time.
  • You may make a mistake in the procedure .
  • If modeling is complex, detailed CAE training is required.
  • The UI does not match the design rules / processes and design specifications / templates .

Need for customization

CAD designer

I want to perform a simple but iterative analysis using my design rules.

CAE engineer

We want to automate work, shorten modeling time, reduce workload, and improve productivity.

CAE expert with programming experience

By implementing the interface part by myself, I would like to perform advanced modeling using external software.

CAE company with standard workflow

From conceptual design to analysis reports, I want to build a CAD-CAE automation system that can be maintained with my own resources using worksheet templates and customized wizards.

Video Gallery

Operation examples

Operation of GUI command builder
VS Code Extension

Development examples using Python API

Fatigue processing and report output (video)
Model report output (video)

Development examples using Python API

AI-based hull design (video)
Voronoi creation (video)

事例 Case Study

Arbitrary shape bolt creation
Metal microstructure model creation
(link with another application)

FEM modeling with Python and Microsoft Excel-Development of analysis capabilities
※ The user operates Excel, and Jupiter runs internally.
Output analysis results in Microsoft PowerPoint format and HTML format
※ Post processing PSJ will be supported from V5.


· GUI command builder creates GUI even for those who do not know programming
· Dedicated IDE and shell support coding and debugging
High Performance
・ Reduction of man-hours by automating operations
・ Large-scale support by Jupiter functions
· System development linked with other applications
· Compatibility with Python 3.X and many libraries
・ Advanced customization by combining basic functions
・ Operation in many fields including automobiles, precision equipment, shipbuilding, and AI

Feature highlights

Jupiter Python script
You can incorporate with Jupiter's rich CAE functions, utilities, and dialog creation.
In addition, since it supports utilities that are not included in Jupiter's functions and various Python libraries, it is possible to develop according to detailed specifications.
GUI command builder
By GUI operation, you can interactively create a GUI dialog equivalent to the product version.
No knowledge of the Python programming language is required to create dialogs in Jupiter with the GUI Command Builder.
An integrated development environment IDE dedicated to PSJ that simplifies coding.
Function-prediction and hint highlight features, autocomplete, tooltips and more.
Of course, development with a general editor is also possible.
This is a PSJ shell window that outputs an error for debugging.