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Structural Analysis / Heat Conduction Analysis
A versatile tool for full hexa welding solutions


Fully automatic meshing of multi-pass welds (heat-affected zone). Significantly reduces man-hours for hexamesh modeling
Jupiter-MuxWeld II is a function to create a hexamesh model for welding simulation. With fully automatic mesh modeling of multipath welds (heat affected zones) hexa-meshing time is reduced significantly.
In addition, various mesh controls are possible for other areas with abundant general-purpose functions, which leads to an overall reduction in man-hours.

A versatile tool for full-hexa welding solutions that supports fully automatic hexamesh modeling of multipath welds. Significantly reduces traditional mesh modeling time.

※ This product is an add-on function integrated into the general-purpose CAE Jupiter Pre/Post. The additional installation is not required.

Features Features

A versatile tool welding solutions that support fully automatic hexamesh modeling of multipath welds in a short time

Library of various multi-pass welding-> Fully automatic mesh creation

GUI for library selection and parameter input
Double Bevel Automatic Mesh Modeling-> Fully Automatic Mesh Creation

Library of various multi-pass welding

Single Bevel automatic mesh modeling
Double V, Single V automatic mesh modeling

Abundant automatic functions greatly reduce the meshing time

Creating fiber regions of the mesh
Hexa mesh modeling of intersections between parts

Operation Flow Operation flow

CAD import
Jupiter -MuxWeld II enables to import any kind of CAD models
Hexa mesh modeling
Enable the hexa mesh modeling of multipath welds
Full hexa meshing
Fully automatic hexa-mesh generation for whole model