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Precision Equipment
Thermo-fluid analysis
Pre/Post Platform for the Open Source Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) OpenFOAM


Create a large-scale CFD model for OpenFOAM by Jupiter Software

You can now create large-scale fluid analysis models for OpenFOAM - an open source solver - in Jupiter. The load boundary conditions can be easily set up from the GUI's using CAD Geometry as in the structural analysis, and Job Submit can also be performed from the output dialog. It is also possible to monitor the calculation status on Jupiter.

Operation Flow


Thermo-fluid analysis

Wave-making resistance analysis of ships

Automotive aerodynamics

Airplane aerodynamic analysis

What is OpenFOAM ?

OpenFOAM® is a toolbox for performing continuum physics simulations, mainly fluid simulations, and is licensed as an open-source software under the GNU GPL (General Public License) v3.

OpenFOAM® is equipped with a rich set of numerical calculation libraries and abundant physical models such as fluids, enabling simulations comparable to commercial software.

Since it is open source, it can be parallelized indefinitely without being limited by the number of licenses (license fee) as in the commercial software.

These features have been accepted and are now used by research institutes and companies around the world.

Solution Base

Jupiter-CFD provides a GUI for each solution .

This makes the Pre work, which requires a lot of manual works, more efficient and reduces the work mistakes.

We will continue to expand the GUI’s for each solution according to the customer’s request.