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We have a robust mesher for 1D, 2D or 3D parts and assemblies. Even with the most complicated geometry, our software will always give you the best meshed model.

TechnoStar Ship Modeler(TSM)

Shipbuilding solutions

Design hull from initial stage, our system make it easy to make analysis model in a short period of time.



No degradation in performance for handling results on ultra large models.

Acoustic tool

Acoustic tool

It is a package that helps engineer create acoustic model from the beginning to final results with simple operations.


Pre - Solver - Post integrated

Enables the designer to make rapid design assessments (part or assembly) through FE analysis using a logically laid out integrated pre and post interface.



By using our matrix contraction algorithm (MLDS), our solver is capable of high-speed calculation than Nastran in all solutions.

One Push Mesher


Fully automatic mesh modeling system.

Engineering services

Customization service

According to customer requirements, enhancements / process automation of TSV products, and even we do our customers a dedicated platform / solver / tool development.

FEM model

Using the TSV-Pre, FE model is created from 3D CAD geometries. In addition, you can also create a neutral surface extraction model.

Contract analysis

Create an FE model that suits the purpose of your analysis, and can be used to perform various analyses.

Reverse engineering

TSV-ReverseX, using the TSV-ReverseZ, we will create the CAD data on the basis of the three-dimensional non-contact measurement data (STL). It also can be FEM model if requested.