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Basic specifications / operating environment

Basic specifications / operating environment

Describes the basic specifications and operating environment of our products.
※ If you have any questions, please contact your sales representative or technical support.

Jupiter platform

General-purpose CAE preprocessor
General purpose CAE post processor
basic specifications  CAD interface
・ VRML [2.0]
・ Parasolid [V25 or less]
・ CATIA V5 [R6-R23 (Elysium I / F: R7-R25)]
・ IGES [V5.2, V5.3]
・ STEP [AP203, AP214 , AP242 (Elysium)]
・ ACIS [R6-R24 (Elysium I / F: R6-R25)]
・ JT [6.4-10.0]
・ NX Direct (* .prt) [NX 1-NX9] The following will be supported in sequence. ..
・ Pro / ENGINEER [Creo2.0, Creo3.0]
Analysis field
・ Static analysis
・ Unique value analysis
・ Dynamic analysis
・ Resin flow analysis
・ Impact analysis
・ Heat transfer analysis
・ Fluid analysis

Solver interface (input)
・ Nastran [2014 (MSC), 10 (NX)]
・ Abaqus [V6.14]
・ ADVENTURECluster [2015 (format2)]
Solver interface (output)
・ Nastran [2014 (MSC), 10 (NX) ]
・ Abaqus [V6.14]
・ ADVENTURECluster [2015 (format2)]
・ TS-Solver [V4.0.1]

The following will be supported sequentially from V3 onwards.
・ Marc [2011]
・ ANSYS [V14.5]
・ LS-DYNA [V971]

Solver interface (input)
・ Nastran [2014 (MSC), 10 (NX)]
・ Abaqus [V6.12-14]
・ ADVENTURECluster [2015 (format1, 2)]
・ TS-Solver [V4.0.1]
V3 for the following After that, it will be supported sequentially.
・ Marc [2005]
・ ANSYS [V13 or less]
・ LS-DYNA [V970.0]
Primary, secondary triangular elements, quadrilateral elements, primary, secondary tetra elements, penta elements, hexa elements, gasket elements, rigid body elements, MPC elements, contact elements, spring elements, mass elements, etc.
High-speed mesh creation function
High-speed automatic creation of primary / secondary tetra elements from CAD shape, Mapped Mesh automatic creation, local mesh size specification, CAD geometry recognition, shape retention, CAD projection function, automatic mesh error correction function, automatic element quality correction Function, local remesh function, etc.
Result display
3D mouse arbitrary cross-section display, deformation display, contour display, vector display, maximum / minimum display, XY plot display, group display, list display, animation display, simultaneous display of multiple results, synchronized display of multiple results, beam diagram display
Automatic assembly function
Automatic extraction of shared surfaces from CAD shapes and FEN mesh shapes, creation of assembly models, addition of shared surface boundary conditions, boundary surface separation, automatic contact definition, etc.
Result output
Simple report automatic output, animation video output, screen capture output, PowerPoint output function
option ・ Neutral surface
・ Functions for STL
・ Parts replacement (Auto Exchange)
・ One Push Mesher
・ One Push Fastener
・ Strain gauge
・ Peak search function
・ Fluid-structure mapping
・ Frequency response function
・ FTT function (Fourier transform of bore transform amount)
・ MAC function
Action environment OS Windows 10 (64bit)
※ Support for Windows 7 has ended on January 14, 2020.
CPU Core 2 Duo or higher processor
 memory 4GB or more
Video card Compatible with video cards that comply with the following
-True Color (24bit) or Full Color (32bit) can be displayed
-VRAM: 256MB or more
-OpenGL V3.2 or more compatible
-NVIDIA Quadro series recommended
※ The Intel HD Graphics series is not covered by the operation guarantee..
※ Please use the latest video card driver.
 HDD empty capacity ・ Application size: Pre 2.5GB / Post 550MB (full installation)
・ Disk size: 20GB or more (depending on the storage model size)

SunShine solver / ReverseZ

General purpose CAE solver
Sun Shine
Reverse engineering software
basic specifications

-Nastran BDF format compliant
-Nastran Op2 format compliant

Analysis function

    ・ Static analysis
    ・ Buckling analysis
    ・ Real eigenvalue analysis
    ・ Modal frequency response analysis
    ・ Heat conduction analysis
    Large-scale speed-up option

      ・ High-speed option
      ・ Parallel analysis option

      ・ Cooperation system with mechanism analysis software

      ・ 3D scan data (STL format)
      ・ CAD data (IGES format)
      ・ Trim curved surface creation
      ・ Primitive extraction

      ・ Fillet extraction, simplification
      ・ High quality curved surface (curvature change monotonous)
      ・ Mesh optimization

      Confirmed operation video card

      Common to all software products
      Video card
      product name

      NVIDIA Quadro 600
      NVIDIA Quadro 2000
      NVIDIA Quadro K600
      NVIDIA Quadro K2000
      NVIDIA Quadro K2200
      NVIDIA Quadro K4000
      NVIDIA Quadro K4200
      NVIDIA Quadro K1100M
      NVIDIA Quadro K3100M
      NVIDIA Quadro M520
      NVIDIA Quadro M1000M
      NVIDIA Quadro M2000
      NVIDIA GeForce 930M
      NVIDIA GeForce 940M
      NVIDIA GeForce 940MX
      NVIDIA GeForce GT710
      NVIDIA GeForce GT730M
      NVIDIA GeForce GT740M
      NVIDIA GeForce GTX760M
      NVIDIA GeForce GTX765M
      NVIDIA GeForce MX150
      NVIDIA NVS 4200m NVIDIA NVS 5200M

      ※ In the remote desktop environment, some analysis conditions are not drawn correctly on the NVIDIA GeForce video card. Please contact your sales representative or technical support for details.