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Precision Equipment
Structural Analysis / Heat Conduction Analysis
Acoustic Analysis
Electromagnetic Field Analysis
Design Support / Optimization
The best general-purpose CAE Pre for large-scale automation


Large-scale support exceeding 100 million nodes, high customizability, high-speed automatic mesh creation
Jupiter-Pre has many pre-functions for finite element method (FEM) analysis, which are characterized by large-scale support, high customizability, and high-speed automatic meshing, which are strong against large-scale models with more than 100 million nodes and large man-hour reduction by automation. It is a general-purpose CAE software equipped.

One software on Windows platform enables all CAE preprocessing, from CAD import to solver input file and export the results. It supports almost all kind of CAE models for simple shape linear analysis, nonlinear large-scale analysis, and multiphysics analysis.
You can also utilize "unlimited" Undo/Redo operations. In addition, the model tree works with CAD and FEM, allowing you to move CAD shapes and FEM meshes in both directions. Therefore, you can operate with a flexible flow instead of one-way traffic.

Jupier-Pre has been developed since 2002. We will provide thorough supports and unique customization to the developer.
Jupiter-Pre allows fully automatic meshing, automatic settings of various assemblies (node sharing, contact, bolt fastening, welding, etc.), shape correction applied for both CAD shape and mesh shape, user customization by Python, etc.)

Jupiter-Pre help customer to reduce the manhour by speedy performance and the automated modelling/meshing operations.
It is also effective for mesh changes, shape changes, parts replacement, etc. for other companies' software and the 'old' mesh models.

ギャラリー Gallery

Solid mesh model

Engine assembly / engine acoustic space
Semiconductor assembly mesh model

Shell mesh model / hexa mesh model

Mesh model for ship-hull structure analysis
Multipath welded part full hexamesh model

Shape editing / assembly for FEM

Extraction of the neutral plane
Shell assembly / welding settings
Rich interface
CAD interface
CATIA, NX, Creo(Pro/E), JT, Parasolid, STEP, IGS, ACIS, AVEVA Hull Structural Design
Solver interface
Abaqus, ADVC, Ansys, MSC Nastran, NX Nastran, LS-Dyna, PERMAS, MARC, FrontISTAR, μ-E&S, OpenFOAM*1, SunShine

*1:It is supported by Jupiter for CFD.
Other interfaces * 2
Nastran(punch), STAR-CD, STAR-CCM+, Ansys Fluent, Univ, STL, VRML, Femap Neutral File, FEMLEEG, TechnoStar Geometry, TSV

*2:It is an interface for limited functions and model data.
Graphic performance
Performance that can withstand large-scale models, various display settings, cross-sectional display with an easy-to-use 3D mouse, etc. are available.
High speed mesh creation
Jupiter-Pre has been incorporated with powerful automatic and manual meshing functions that can absorb shape errors in large CAD assembly models and CAD models.
Easy shape editing is suitable for FEM
Jupiter-Pre has various shape editing functions that can be used for both CAD models and mesh models.
Automatic deletion of tiny features and logos, fillet creation / deletion, shape search, Boolean, morphing (displacement result and node movement in any direction), extraction of neutral surface, etc.
Assembly (nodal sharing, contact, bolting, welding, etc.)
It is possible to automatically search for mating surfaces between CAD parts and automatically convert them to shared surfaces. This makes it easy to create a node-sharing mesh assembly model.
Automatic search and automatic setting are also possible for the contact setting location.
For fastening by bolts or welding, it is possible to collectively set rigid body connections, functions for solid bolts, pretension settings, and connection by automatic extension of the shell.
A wide variety of FEM analysis conditions (boundary conditions) and material setting tools

事例 Case Study

  • Automotive industry company S: Full engine FEM modeling for vibration analysis takes less than a day.
  • Automobile industry Company H: With the fully automatic mesh creation function and parts replacement function, the modeling time for parts replacement has been significantly reduced, and the number of design studies per day has tripled.
  • Automobile industry company A: Fully automatic 30-minute meshing with precision that takes two weeks by a dedicated person.
  • Automotive industry N company: Routine vibration fatigue evaluation of drive train (automatic remeshing and reanalysis of high fatigue areas)
  • Shipbuilding industry: Significantly reduce evaluation time by processing results for hull structural strength calculation and creating automatic reports.
  • Precision equipment industry: 75% reduction in man-hours by setting welding conditions for large-scale cases and speeding up mesh creation.
  • Precision Equipment Industry: Incorporate Jupiter into designer CAE systems to automate assembly and meshing.
  • Civil engineering industry: Providing technology to Geo-Graphia, a 3D integrated visualization software for underground information.

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