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Customization Services

Based on the customer requirements, we carry out the enhancements and process automation of the Jupiter products, along with the customized dedicated platform, solver and tool development.

FeaturesService Features

Feature enhancements and new development
To achieve a new analysis theme associated with the improvement of new product development and production process, we will carry out Function enhancement of our products according to the needs of our customers.
Based on customer’s requirements, it is also possible to perform the development of new software for applications.
Support of the Jupiter feature development using Jupiter API
To support our customers’ requirements by developing Jupiter functions using Jupiter API.
Interface development
Depending on the customer’s needs, it is also possible to carry out the additional improvement in the new interface.
OEM services
OEM services are available by providing API for other companies’ software.

Our WorksMajor Accomplishments

  • 01FFT function
  • 02Gururi function
  • 03MAC Factor function
  • 04Automation of the NVH analysis for engine modeling
  • 05Report function
  • 06STL auto-correction tool (Hole missing, duplicate, etc.)
  • 07STL alignment function
  • 08Expansion of the assembly modeling function (only specified parts can be replaced by specifying the update parts)
  • 09Bolt modeling capabilities
  • 10Gear modeling capabilities
  • 11Crack propagation analysis system
  • 12Spot modeling capabilities
  • 13Peak search function
  • 14Strain gauge function
  • 15Brake noise function
  • 16Hexa modeling capabilities
  • 17Mesh and condition creation for bolt, valve guide, valve seat, bearings and shaft
  • 18Muffler modeling capabilities
  • 19Mesh morphing feature
  • 20Acoustic for Post function
  • 21Acoustic modeling capabilities
  • 22Expansion of the acoustic modeling capabilities
  • 23Acoustic analysis for rib creation and morphing function
  • 24Geometry simplification function
  • 25Buckling analysis modeling capabilities
  • 26Automatic midplane function
  • 27Manual midplane function
  • 28Frequency response analysis function
  • 29Automation of engine model compilation for vibration and reliability analysis
  • 30Artificial joint insert simulation platform
  • 31Platform for the ship motion, wave load calculation program
  • 32Multi-point inertance function
  • 33Harmonization hull structure rule (H-CSR) application system
  • 34Heat transfer analysis solver
  • 35Heat transfer analysis model for temperature mapping function
  • 36Integration of the fatigue evaluation system / PrePost
  • 37Weld modeling capabilities
  • 383D modeling system surface production from digital photos
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