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Mesh modeling for vehicle interior acoustic analysis

Jupiter-Cabin Acoustic

The manhours for vehicle interior acoustic analysis modeling is reduced by 80%.
Greatly improve the meshing of interior parts and vehicle interior space
Jupiter-Cabin Acoustic is a mesh modeling tool for vehicle interior acoustic analysis.

Since the vehicle interior acoustic model requires large shape interpolation and a huge number of acoustic-structural connections, manual routine work is standard but tedious. This tool enables man-hour reduction strongly by using the dedicated functions of Jupiter-Cabin Acoustic and users can easily create a highly accurate analysis model.
Besides, the meshing of interior parts and interior space is greatly improved by the reverse engineering function of the surface and the powerful wrapping function.
The operability of this product is the same as Jupiter, and many basic functions can be used at the same time.

The robustness of Jupiter-Cabin Acoustic is not only limitted to the surface mesh creation of interior parts and vehicle interior space, but also the combination function of vehicle interior acoustic mesh and structural mesh according to each manufacturer's specifications, manual face creation function, CAD projection function of mesh, and all the necessary functions such as editing function, renumbering function, and interface.

* This product is an add-on function integrated into the general-purpose CAE Jupiter Pre/Post and no need extra installation to the Jupiter software.

Features Features

Significant reduction in modeling man-hours

Jupiter-Cabin Acoustic is equipped with new functions for efficiently creating surface meshing for interior parts and vehicle interior spaces (instrument panel, seat, luggage compartment, etc.).

Supports surface meshing of interior parts and vehicle interior space (Repair Tools)

Repair hole function (pre-wrapping treatment)
If there is a large hole, shape interpolation in the post-process is not possible, so in the
past, manual pre-processing was required.
With the repair hole function, it is possible to automatically fill the large and complicated hole/gaps .
Example) Search 2 seconds, fill in 6 seconds
Reverse surface creation function
Simplify many surfaces of the structural model to create an acoustic model of the instrument panel.
The reversed surface creation function automatically fills the gaps in the area by roughly selecting the surface.
This will eliminate the time spent to select the fine faces.

Operation flow Operation flow

Structural analysis model / interior CAD model import
Create the interior / vehicle interior space surface mesh
Create the Car interior acoustic space solid mesh
ID adjustment of nodes/elements of the rigid body
Material / property setting bdf output

Case Study

  • Automotive industry M company: Reduced the man-hours for interior acoustic modeling by 80%.