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Structural and thermal analysis software for iCAD

Jupiter-Designer for iCAD

A robust software to evaluate the CAD assembly model and reduce the time-to-market
Jupiter-Designer for iCAD is a structural and thermal analysis CAE software for iCAD sold by Fujitsu Limited.
Jupiter's functions (pre/post & solver) have been carefully selected and simplified for iCAD designers, and it has not only iCAD linkage but also easy-to-use operability.

※For details, please refer to the following website.
Fujitsu Limited Website | Jupiter-Designer for iCAD Product Page (Go to external website)

※iCAD is the 3D-CAD software for mechanical design integrated with the world's fastest 3D-CAD engine developed independently.「FUJITSU Manufacturing Industry Solution COLMINA Design and Manufacturing Support iCAD SX」
Fujitsu Limited Website | iCAD SX Product Page (Go to external website)


Intuitive operability Adopted Windows ribbon style for GUI. A menu display system is easy for beginners to use.
High-speed processing capacity The「Parallel mesher function」and「Unlimited CPU core parallel option」make full use of PC performance to significantly reduce the time from analysis model creation to result output.
iCAD interaction With the iCAD linkage function, work efficiency is improved by seamlessly inheriting settings such as shape / material information and analysis conditions.
Supports We can provide thorough support from members who have abundant experiences in analysis work of Fujitsu Limited.
For the utilization of Jupiter-Designer for iCAD, we can also provide consulting, contract analysis, and, upon request, practical training for designers who are involved in analysis within the customer.


Deformation analysis of press machine

It is easily calculated by using general-contact (surface contact can be separated) and fixed-contact properly.

Vibration value analysis of machine

Eigenvalue analysis (dynamic characteristic calculation) of production machines is possible. In addition, the response to external vibrations such as motors can be calculated based on the eigenvalue analysis results.

Seismic vibration analysis of equipment

It is possible to analyze the eigenvalues ​​of plant equipment (calculation of dynamic characteristics) and calculate the response to seismic waveforms using the results.

Thermal stress analysis of piping fixing brackets

Boundary conditions (boundary temperature / surface heat flux, etc.) are given to each component to perform heat conduction analysis, the overall temperature distribution and thermal stress can be easily calculated.