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Pre/Post software for structural optimization analysis

Jupiter-Optimization Solutions

Visualization modeling the solver-interface for structural optimization analysis

Jupiter-Optimization Solutions is a Pre/Post interface for OPTISHAPE-TS (Quint Co., Ltd.) and ADVENTURE Cluster (hereinafter ADVC, Allied Engineering Co., Ltd.) used for "Topology Optimization Analysis" and "Nonparametric Shape Optimization Analysis".

For OPTISHAPE-TS, in addition to model output in Nastran bulk data format, the optimization parameter file output including various function settings for topology and shape optimization, and visualization of results are supported.

For ADVC, it supports process definition for phase / shape optimization analysis, data file output, and visualization of results in structural analysis commands.

■ What is topology optimization?
 Guide the layout of the optimum structural area at the initial stage of design.

■ What is nonparametric shape optimization?
 The structural surface is freely deformed within the given purpose and constraints to derive the optimum shape.

※ This function is an add-on function started up on the general-purpose CAE Jupiter Pre/Post. There is no need to install any additional packages, only enable the OPTISHAPE-TS interface and ADVC interface, respectively.
※ The optimization analysis solver must be purchased separately. Please refer to the manual of each solver for details of optimization analysis.

Operation Flow using OPTISHAPE-TS I/F

Structural analysis model creation
Condition definition for optimal analysis
Optimization evaluation function definition
Optimization analysis settings
Optimized analysis execution
Visualization of results


Structural analysis model creation
Create a model for structural analysis (CAD import, meshing, characteristic assignment, boundary condition setting, etc.).
Condition definition for optimal analysis
Additional definition of shape constraints, etc. to suppress shape fluctuations in optimization analysis.
Optimization evaluation function definition
Define the objective and constraint functions (evaluation functions such as volume, mass, stress, and stiffness) for optimization analysis.
Optimization analysis settings
Define shape variation limits, design areas, shape constraints, analysis increments, result output, etc. for optimized analysis.
Optimized analysis execution
If OPTISHAPE-TS is installed on your Windows PC, you can run it directly from Jupiter. You can check the convergence status of the purpose / constraint function.
Visualization of results
The optimization analysis results are read into the Jupiter-Post and the optimized shape etc. are visualized.
It is also possible to use it as the next analysis model by limiting the display of the topology optimization result shape by the phase density result value and smoothing the shape surface.