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Motorcycle manufacturer

[3-5 times faster than the conventional meshing method] Jupiter used in engine development

Most of motorcycle manufacturers have been performing the evaluation / verification of their products by using CAE for many specification studies at the initial stage of design, which is effective in reducing the development costs and shortening the product development cycle. In recent years, we have upgraded our old software TSV to Jupiter in order to adapt to the increasing in both scale and complexity of the CAE analysis, but due to maintenance and customization, the number of large-scale nonlinear models examined is 3 instead of 1 as the conventional one. It has been more than doubled.
Client Motorcycle manufacturer
Purpose To reduce the man-hours required for large-scale nonlinear meshing
model Motocycle engine
mesh Tetrahedron element
Drastically reduce man-hours spent on meshing in order to reduce the development costs and to shorten the development cycle.
In order to satisfy the required performance within the limited development lead time, it is necessary to output the analysis results at a fastest speed that exceeds the design L / O examination. On the other hand, meshing for nonlinear analysis requires a lot of manual works, and the operation is repeated for part replacement. It is essential to automate the model meshing and to improve the functions and operations suitable for parts replacement.
Upgraded the TSV Pre-Post to Jupiter and Developed many new functions.
Therefore, in engine development, we started switching to Jupiter and now it is operated as a core Pre-Post. All feedback received from the beginning of the this development have been listened carefully and and continuously incorporated new funtions/features for Jupiter improvement for its convenient operability and overall performance.
Effective Speed
Model creation speed is 3-5 times faster than ever before due to the fully-automatic meshing and part replacement.
Together with Oasis Mesher (fully-automatic meshing function) and the new fillet map meshing function, the meshing of 170 minutes with our old product TSV and 30 minutes manually with Jupiter can be completed in 10 minutes fully automatically. The mesh quality is also standardized as per Customer specification.
In addition, bolt meshing and axial force setting have also been automated with dedicated functions. Due to these advanced technologies, the number of large-scale nonlinear models examined per day has been more than tripled.

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