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Car maker

Efficient exhaust pipe model creation [Mesh modeling man-hours reduced by 70%]

A certain automobile manufacturer has been working on improving the vehicle development process by drastically reducing the CAE man-hours in order to handle many car variations (exhaust pipe variations). Among them, the man-hours for creating a mesh model could be reduced by 70% by replacing the conventional software with Jupiter.
Client Car maker
Purpose Reduction of mesh model creation man-hours
model Exhaust system
mesh Shell element (some solid elements)
More than half of the exhaust system CAE man-hours are mesh model creation man-hours.
In the conventional vehicle development process, CAE man-hours are enormous, and especially mesh model man-hours account for more than 50% of the total. Specifically, it took time for each welded part, which is an evaluation part, meshing of bent pipes, modeling of mufflers without CAD, and bracket welded parts.
Development of mesh modeling function for exhaust system with Jupiter.
Therefore, with Jupiter, we have developed our own mesh modeling functions for exhaust systems, such as pipe mesh, remesh for evaluation departments, various solid welding, and muffler modeling. At this time, the problems were thoroughly identified, and after 1.5 years of development and testing, the replacement of the conventional software with Jupiter was completed.
70% reduction in mesh modeling man-hours and smarter development process.
By switching from the conventional software and operating it in practice, we were able to reduce the mesh modeling man-hours and total man-hours by 70%. This enables front loading that can utilize CAE from the drawing stage, and enables diligent feedback and smart overall development.

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