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Jupiter V5.0.4 Release Announcement

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your continued support.
We are pleased to announce the release of 『Jupiter V5.0.4』 as a minor version upgrade of Jupiter.


We have added and improved various Pre-Post functions and interfaces, upgraded the solver, expanded PSJ, and fixed bugs.

We hope you will upgrade to the new version and make the best use of it in your business.


■ Pre

  • Expansion of ADVC, Abaqus, and Ansys interfaces
  • Bounding box placement function…etc.


■ Post

  • Expansion of ADVC interface
  • Improved display of phase optimization results and smoothing function
  • Support for contour color setting for areas without results
  • Expansion of fatigue strength calculation function, etc.


■ Solver (SunShine-Solver)

  • Support for nonlinearity in unsteady heat transfer analysis
  • Shell quadratic element support
  • HDF5 (*.h5) output supported
  • Improved performance of Lanczos method for real eigenvalue analysis, etc.


■ Python API (PSJ)

  • PSJ-Command, PSJ-Utility, and macro enhancements, etc.


Users can download the software from the support site.

(If you do not know your support account, please contact us.)


For inquiries regarding this product, please contact our sales, technical, or support staff.

■ TEL(technical support):03-6434-9578

■ E-mail(technical support):support@e-technostar.com