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TechnoStar Web Viewer V2.1 Release Announcement

Thank you very much for your continued support.
We are excited to announce the release of 『TechnoStar Web Viewer V2.1』 as a major version upgrade of TechnoStar Web Viewer.


The Web Viewer has been reborn as a more user-friendly product with a new GUI and dashboard.

We hope you will upgrade to the new version and make the best use of it in your business.


■ TechnoStar Web Viewer

  • Large-scale improvement of GUI
  • File management, user management, and log management by dashboard
  • Direct import support (CAD files)
  • Preference settings
  • Model property information
  • Line selection
  • CSV import selection
  • Measurement Functions
  • Deformation magnification for mode
  • Post User Result
  • Japanese Language Support
  • Generalize function names
  • Review of default settings
  • Star license support
  • Minor bug fixes…etc.


Users can download the software from the support site.

(If you do not know your support account, please contact us.)


For inquiries regarding to this product, please contact our sales and technical representatives or our support desk.


■ TEL(technical support):03-6434-9578

■ E-mail(technical support):support@e-technostar.com